Monday, January 7, 2013

Inilah Perjanjian JualBeli Yang Sebenarnya-@rafiziramli Kantoi Lagi!

Jika dilihat sekarang, satu per satu si Rafizi Ramli ni kantoi..Ini berdasarkan bukti-bukti yang penulis paparkan dari masa ke semasa.Tunggulah banyak lagi bukti-bukti lain.  Allah Maha Mengetahui...Okey silalah baca or fikirkan.

It would also interest readers to note that the Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPA) for the eight units signed between Salleh and KL Eco City Sdn Bhd were dated 15 December 2011 (see pics). 

For those of us who have ever borrowed from a bank to finance the purchase of property, you and I would know that banks would not disburse a loan unless and until full documentation is in place. Banks would require among others, an original copy of the Sale and Purchase Agreement of the property purchase. The SPA in this instance was dated 15 December 2011. Thus, Rafizi’s claims that Salleh had defaulted on loans as far back as March 2011 is false and a big fat lie. Whichever way one looks, there would never or ever be eight loans dispensed by PBB for the KL Eco City office properties before 15 December 2011.


If this is what a trained accountant does, Rafizi’s accounting credibility is questionable. The MIA By-Laws state among others,

“A professional accountant in public practice shall not knowingly engage in any business, occupation or activity that impairs or might impair integrity, objectivity or the good reputation of the profession and as a result would be incompatible with the fundamental principles.”

To be continued tomorrow for more damning revelation of the lies, distortion and misrepresentation of @rafiziramli .

"Doa orang teraniaya termakbul jua, insyaallah...."